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delfina in charmedjewelry

Belly button rings!

Okay, so I added this to the shop recently - like, yesterday, technically... and I wanted to share. Thanks to a suggestion from Tamara Kirchnor, I created belly button rings for the Initially Yours line. The initial is scripted, so it's an easy-change, and the package includes one silver ring and one gold ring. Mod/copy/no transfer, so if you'd like to give as a gift just let me know.

Click to enlarge.

I also added a belly button ring to my Charmed Logo set. I forgot to take a picture of it, but it's supercute, free, and can be found in the signature package next to the Delphinus Constellation choker. Here's the new ad (which isn't actually changed much from the old ad, it's just got added text to it).

Click to enlarge.

Charmed SLURL

As always, I am totally open to IMs for questions and assistance with any of my products.