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SL Delfina

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New pieces from Charmed!

Hey all! I know it's been a loooong while since I've updated, but I actually have a couple of new pieces - and one of them is even free!

First up is another piece in my "Initially Yours" line. Now, instead of selling a package of 26 necklaces - one for every letter of the alphabet - I have one necklace with a lovely script that'll let you change the letter to whatever one you like.

Click to enlarge.

My next set are the constellations of the Zodiac. I tried to relay size and distance of each star within each constellation and even have some sources to cite for my research! I was actually surprised that there are different interpretations of some of the constellations, so I tried to compromise between versions.

Click to enlarge.

They are:
Navigating the Night Sky - Guilherme de Almeida
Constellation Handbook - Antonin Rukl
The Book of COnstellations - Robin Kerrod

And finally, the freebie! I discovered there was a Delphinus Constellation, and since my name is Delfina - well, I knew I just had to share something like that with everyone!

All of these pieces are available at my booth in the Jewelry Expo. Afterwards, they'll be moved to my shop in Flotsam Beach.

All of my jewelry is mod/copy/no transfer. If you would like assistance changing the color of your ribbon or changing your gold necklace to silver, please IM me in-world and I'll get you straightened out in a jiffy. I can also deliver items if you'd like to give a gift! :D