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New shop!

Okay, so I'm going to attempt to put jewelry pieces on their own entries. This is an announcement, though, so it gets its own little slot!

I'm currently selling out of Seven's Selections, which is my friends' the Shikamis' shop, but next week I'll be opening my very own shop! I'm in the process of decorating and setting up right now, and I'm also going to try to finish a couple of pieces to get ready for the launch. I have two key pieces planned - one is actually a giveaway set that I'll have in the shop, but the other piece will be the first in a series I have planned. This piece in particular is something I've been working since I started learning how to use prims, but I just didn't finish it - for various reasons. I will definitely have it finished before I open the shop, though, especially because I need new inventory to open the shop up with - I only have three pieces now! It's a big shop, I feel the need to fill it up, so hopefully I'll finish a few more things before the doors open! (Well, actually, my shop doesn't HAVE doors, but you get the idea.)

A little bit more gushing about my shop - it's actually in a beachy sim that's owned and operated by my friends, Jen and Seven Shikami. It's (the island) based off the beach towns of New England and has an arcade, bumper cars, a wharf and the cutest residential and shopping areas. There are still lots available, commercial and residential, so make sure to ask Jen and Seven about them! They're very well-built, offer a lot of prims and are reasonably priced. In addition - no casinos or strip clubs! It's a family-friendly atmosphere with sand-castle building competitions planned and other fun stuff, so I can't wait til it opens! (Well, I can wait until my shop is done, I should say!) My shop is open on three sides and one side looks out onto the trader's wharf with its colorful tents. From my upper deck I'll get great views of the water - I'm going to put out a little seating area there, I think, just to relax in. Hopefully as I get it closer to completion I'll put a few preview pics up - I just finalized my flooring and walls yesterday! ...well, finalized for the fifth time, I guess. Anyway, I'm very excited to be a small business owner now and I'm a little scared (I'd at least like to sell enough to make rent) but I think I can do it.